Cheap Bedroom Lamps: A Step By Step Guide To Getting One That’s Actually Worth It

Cheap Bedroom Lamps Purchasing Guide

Choosing a cheap bedroom lamp doesn’t always mean it’s going to be bad quality and not up to your expectations. All it means is that a little more research will need to be done to find the true value of a product.In this article I’m going to show you how you can choose one that’s going to benefit you in many ways. It will be high quality AND very affordable!

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Step 1 – Shop Online

Why do I recommend choosing a lamp to purchase online? Because usually there’s thousands of feedback for that specific product.

Just take a quick look through, you can clearly see how much products that they have and how much reviews/feedback that those specific products have accumulated.

These are incredibly useful for finding other peoples personal opinions on that product.

Furthermore, you can do a Google search on the name of the product and find even more information on it!

There are literally thousands of people searching for reviews on products that can be purchased online, and at the same time there are thousands of people giving their personal feedback for it!

Step 2 – Debunk The Reviews

After you have done some thorough research on a specific lamp you can then get a general idea on how well the lamp performs.

Is there a large number of people claiming that it works just as advertised or is it simply not worth your time because hundreds of buyers have nothing but bad comments to say about it?

This is what you should ask yourself after you have spent at least 30-60 minutes on that lamp.

I recommend spending ONLY 30 minutes, that is all the time you need to discover how well a lamp performs.

I have debunked a LOT of reviews over the years and found a “sweet spot” that I would like you to know.

A good rule of thumb to follow is this:

If a product is at 3.8 to 4 stars, it isn’t the best, but it will still be classed as “okay”.

When a product is on exactly 4 stars, then it is “good”.

However, when a product has over 4 stars, I call it “excellent”.

Anything under 3.8, I usually stay away from.

Step 3 – Make A Final Decision

Should you continue trying to find out if the lamp is right for you or should you move on to the next?

Only you can determine what will make a good choice for you, the online feedback and the reviews can only do so much.

It is up to you to figure out if the lamp is going to make a great choice for you and if it isn’t.

And the best way to do it? Repeat step 1 and step 2 until you get a good idea about that product.


Of course this is my personal opinion, this is what I’ve been doing for many years to find the real quality of a product before I purchase it, and it’s what I highly recommend for you to do as well.

Because there are way too many people just diving into a purchase and being let down when it breaks on them within the first month, sometimes even in the first couple of weeks or days.

However, you can avoid this from happening to you just from following the steps I have outlined in this article.


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